Custom Nutrition Plans Milwaukee

RunFit MKE offers completely customized running nutrition plans as well as customized personal nutrition plans.

Custom Nutrition Plans Milwaukee

Just as every client has unique needs regarding their personal training, run coaching and race preparation, every client deserves a customized approach to creating a nutrition plan and program that is right for their lifestyle, tailored to their goals, and is safe and achievable. That’s exactly how our custom nutrition plans are here at RunFit MKE. Two custom nutrition plans have never been the same, and we’ve been giving success stories for our Milwaukee clients for awhile now. Let’s break it down for you.


complimentary consultation

We start with a complimentary consultation to understand your needs and goals, such as weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, performance enhancement, injury prevention and recovery, or a combination of several of these. We can’t make a truly customizable nutrition plan if we don’t know the reason behind why you want to talk about it in the first place.

3 day food log custom nutrition

3-day food log

After a complete health history is done, you will be asked to complete a 3-day food log to gain a snapshot of the exact types of foods you currently gravitate too. We want to see what kind of food are a big part of your life so we don’t make a program that you won’t want to stick to.

Custom Nutrition program design

Program Design

Program design is based on which goals carry highest importance. If a new race PR is the primary goal, we will start by incorporating specific macronutrients at specific times during the day to fuel and recovery from training runs, and we will work together to design a fueling strategy prior to races that maximizes performance, minimizes digestive issues, and ensures you are showing up on race day at your ideal weight. Weight loss outside of performance related goals has a completely different feel, with the focus being on education. We help clients learn why and how to select foods for each meal that energize the body while burning fat stores. The word “diet” never comes into play as the program is one that is meant to serve you for life. In other words, you will never be told to eliminate whole food groups from your life! Specific recipes are provided to help you achieve these desired results regardless of which path you need.

Custom Nutrition coaching sessions

Biweekly Coaching Sessions

Once programs have been designed and implemented, we will meet every two weeks for 45-minute coaching sessions to take measurements, including body fat percentage; discuss your energy levels; discuss feelings of hunger or satiation; consider your willingness to workout; and address any obstacles you may be facing such as meal planning or food selection.

You will have access to your nutrition coach 7-days a week. Someone who will be in your corner when things get tough or when you feel overwhelmed. This process is fluid and regularly communication is encouraged.

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