Anti-Inflammatory Foods to the Rescue | The Benefits Revealed

As your RunFit MKE coach, I’m not here to just get you across the finish line – I’m here to help people experience total wellness through fitness & nutrition. And, it's no secret that incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet can be a huge benefit. Take a few minutes to learn how anti-inflammatory foods can prevent both chronic & acute inflammation, why Aaron Rodgers is a fan, and how these foods can help you train harder, heal faster, and improve your overall fitness. I’ll even provide a grocery list so you can stock-up on the goods – but, first, what exactly are anti-inflammatory foods?

What Are Anti-Inflammatory Foods?

A food is considered anti-inflammatory if it’s found to have components that protect against inflammation. The guide below is a great way to see what you should be adding to your diet! It also lists what foods you need to keep on your radar that cause inflammation. Heads up!  If you’re panicked about the list on the right, don’t sweat it. You don’t have to cut these foods out 100%. However, you'll want to cut back as best you can. Remember, be mindful of everything you consume (check out my mindfulness blog).  


Anti-Inflammatory Foods Can Prevent Chronic & Acute Inflammation

There are two types of inflammatory responses in the body: acute & chronic. Most of us understand acute inflammation. We bump our knee while moving furniture, and the spot becomes warm, swollen and starts to bruise. This is the body’s acute inflammatory response to a harmful stimulus and it's bringing more blood to the injured tissue to start healing.

Chronic inflammation looks (& feels) very different from acute inflammation. Any “invader” that overstays its welcome causes the body to continuously fight - day in and day out - until the one of two things happens: 1. The invader finally gets the picture and leaves. 2. The inflammatory response system starts to tire out and chronic inflammation settles in (i.e., the invader moves in for good). Chronic inflammation can be caused by environmental factors, disease, and most commonly - inflammatory foods.

chronic inflammation.png

Celebs Dig Anti-Inflammatory Foods, Too!

Did you know that the Green Bay Packers quarterback is a fan of anti-inflammatory foods? That’s right! Aaron Rodgers fuels his body with leafy greens, beans, and fruits, and refrains from red meats, dairy, and other animal products. He works hard to eat foods that work with him, not against him (and you should, too!). Celebrity, Tia Mowry, also follows an anti-inflammatory diet to ease her endometriosis symptoms. Mowry shares in her cookbook Whole New You how she completely removed dairy, processed meats, packaged snacks, and refined sugar. This switch helped her feel much better and experience true wellness.  


Feel Better with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Celebs and those with painful diseases aren’t the only ones praising the benefits of anti-inflammatory foods – people across the board are touting the many health benefits. Why? Because they feel better. There is also an additional incentive for runners and individuals with a workout regiment. While fitness has a positive influence on the body, it causes inflammation. This can be a good thing for runners; however, by incorporating anti-inflammatory foods they lessen stress on muscles and joints by assisting the body’s inflammatory response system. 


Grocery Shop with a Whole New Vision in Mind

If you're ready to bring anti-inflammatory foods to the rescue, simply download this grocery list for your next shopping adventure. Also, consider this motto while strolling through the isles: "In with the good, out with the bad! In with the good, out with the bad!” Purge your cabinets of foods that may cause chronic inflammation and stock them full of those that improve your well-being. You'll feel like an entirely new person! 

Lastly, reach out. I’d love to be your coach and learn how to best serve you, not just tell you what to do and what to eat (or not eat). Nutrition and fitness are your friends – and anti-inflammatory foods just might become one of the best.  

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Karen Berenson