Medals and Merlot? - Why Wine Should Be Handed Out At Race Finishes

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Your legs are heavy and your heart is racing… you’ve been pushing through 3.1, 6.2, 9.3, 13.1, or (gasp) 26.2 miles alongside hundreds or even thousands of complete strangers. You can’t wait to finally step over that finish line, have a kind soul place a medal around your neck, and be handed that beautiful, promised celebratory drink… a beer in a plastic cup?

I’m not complaining. Believe me, I’ve happily enjoyed that hoppy concoction after various races. But isn’t it time we spread the cheer with more than a good beer? Here are:

My top 3 reasons why WINE should be handed out at race finishes.

1. It’s Healthy (in moderation)

Think you’re impervious to having a heart attack if you’re healthy enough to finish a marathon? Think again. Marathon running may trigger a cascade of potentially heart-damaging events, as reported by McLean Hospital researchers in back-to-back papers in the American Journal of Cardiology. Dr. Arthur Siegel, director of Internal Medicine at McLean, and his collaborators analyzed the blood of marathoners less than 24 hours after finishing a race and found abnormally high levels of inflammatory and clotting factors of the kind that are known to set the stage for heart attack. Does that mean you should stop running marathons? Not if you ask me. If you ask me, it means they should hand out more wine at the finish line! Resveratrol, a key ingredient in red wine, could prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce inflammation and prevent blood clots.

2. It’s Trendy (in a good way)

Wine consumption is gaining ground on beer and cocktails. Why the surge in popularity? In the days of yore, folks didn’t have access to good wine in America, and if they did it cost a pretty penny. As a result, wine was only purchased by wealthier individuals and even then it was reserved for very special occasions. Wine is now produced at a higher quality and in higher quantities, with drinkers of all ages emerging on the wine scene at a vibrant time.

3. It’s the Patriotic Thing to Do

What’s better than increasing heart health while looking cool doing it? Supporting America. As of September 2018, there were 9,786 wineries in the United States. The U.S. sits fourth in worldwide wine production, just behind Italy, France and Spain - wine producing powerhouses! Let’s test the theory that handing out more wine at race finish lines might just be the boost the U.S. needs to slip onto the proverbial wine production podium.

I think we can all agree, beer has its place in a runner’s world. But perhaps the time has come where it would be willing to share the spotlight with something a little bolder... like a complex glass of red zin or a bright and floral rose. Cheers!

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Karen Berenson