What is the Biggest Question We Get as Personal Trainers?

I recently asked Nick Grasso, “what’s the biggest question you get from clients and individuals who know you’re a Personal Trainer?” His response didn’t surprise me.

“People consistently ask me what I do for nutrition. While I personally subscribe to a very restricted diet, Renaissance Periodization (click HERE to learn more), I know it’s not for everyone. What matters most when mastering your nutrition plan is creating a lifestyle that includes healthy eating habits and fitness.” - Nick Grasso

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Similarly, this question isn’t foreign to me...

Some of our clients want to know what diet will keep them in their best shape while training for a marathon. Some want to know if former dieting or alcohol has kept them from dropping desired lbs. Others simply want to know if we have any tricks up our sleeves when it comes to keeping our bodies “runfit”. In short, I tell people to "try and build realistic, healthy eating habits. Live them out daily, to the best of your ability."

But, that's only scratching the surface. Continue reading to learn my thoughts on dieting, the importance of meal prep, and how, through nutrition coaching, you can become the master of your health goals. 

What are My Thoughts on  Dieting? 

Whether your diet consists of Keto, the Whole30, or something a little more intense, like Nick's specialized RP diet, I'm not here to judge. Yes, I'll admit it. I tend to think of diets as a fad. I prefer that our clients build life-long eating habits that fill them with the best nutrients on the daily. Nonetheless, whatever diet you're exploring or enjoying, make sure you're monitoring what you consume and continue to eat in moderation. 

Nick makes a great point about dieting...

"Would I recommend a 30-Day Challenge like the Whole30? Yes and no. Experts say it isn't long enough to change your brain chemistry and maintain healthy eating habits, but you are still setting a goal and making a change, and that's great! The big thing is this: what is your goal after the challenge has ended? Will this become a lifestyle diet? Because short-term diets aren't good for the long-term."

*The days of diets are gone when you take part in nutrition coaching at RunFit MKE. We utilize the research-driven concepts of Precision Nutrition to help clients achieve their nutrition goals while building life-long healthy eating habits.                               

The Importance of Meal Prep

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One of the things we do best at RunFit MKE: ease the burden of when and what to eat by providing time-saving meal prep strategies, tried-and-true recipes, and the best possible choices when dining at home isn't an option. 

Easy RunFit MKE Recipes

As a Precision Nutrition Coach, I've been blogging about food-fulfilling recipes before starting RunFit MKE. It's taken me years to discover how to treat my body well with both fitness and food (click HERE to ready Skinny Vs. Fit: 4 Ways Getting in Shape Changed My Life). It isn't easy building new, healthy habits; yet, thinking about the week ahead and planning and prepping my meals has helped me become healthier, stronger, and feeling my best. In fact, I feel better in my body at 40 than I did at 20.

Why not try a few of these recipes that have worked for me? You'll find stuff for every season. One meal, one day, one week at a time, you'll soon find yourself introducing nutritious foods into your routine that help you get your body running fit.

Click HERE to check out my nutrition blog. 

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Should You Be Tracking Food? 

To a point...

Tracking food is not meant to be a lifelong solution to maintaining a healthy weight. However, if you're serious about understanding what you're putting into your body, tracking will help you collect data about what you eat and how it is affecting your weight goals. 

I recommend My Fitness Pal to clients who are curious about what they're consuming. It's also a great option for those who want to and need to stay accountable to themselves and learn about interesting recipes.

*RunFit helps demystify nutrition, by moving the focus away from "dieting" and instead working on "diet." Methods are introduced in a pressure-free environment to improve nutrition intake without counting calories or macronutrient grams.

Spice Things Up

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Occasionally, I'll hear from individuals how meal prep can get a little stale or that there isn't enough variety. I get it. This is, in part, is where you need to become a bit of an explorer. Seek ways to spice things up so you don't get bored preparing a bunch of meals ahead of time or feel stuck with the same ol' leftovers.

Here are a few of Nick’s Tricks...

“I'm picky when it comes to my food. I generally hate leftovers and variety is very important. Some mornings I'll put some rice in the rice cooker to add as a fresh side or use different spices on my chicken. And, we don't make meal prep boring in our household. We designate every Sunday to be creative about our meal choices for the week ahead. It's our way of spending time together and it's become a fun part of our lifestyle."

On the Go? Seeking Support?

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If you're a student-athlete with little means of preparing your own meals, a busy parent with little time to plan, or a career-driven professional who finds themselves dining out often, food becomes hard. If you don't have the time, yet understand the value of a nutrient-focused lifestyle, there are other options. Consider meal delivery services here in Milwaukee. 

The Focused Fork

This meal delivery service is fairly new to the Milwaukee scene and kicking-butt for those on the go (or those who don't like to cook!). They also pledge to use ingredients that are locally-grown, non-gmo, and serve a variety of diets (Keto, Low-Carb, Gluten Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, etc.). Oh, and they deliver meals to your home on a weekly basis so people can continue on with the fast-pace of their day and still live their best life through healthy eating. 

The Real Good Life

If you're a family of 1, 2, or 6, The Real Good Life offers a "nutritious menu of creative entrees and healthy side dishes focusing on organic, local, and seasonal ingredients." This service believes in a well-rounded diet and balance (ingredients will likely include flour, sugar, cheese and meat). Simply place your order by 8 pm on a Sunday and get your meal delivered to your home or office between 2-5 pm on a Wednesday.


I'm a huge believer in Macha. While this isn't a local product, I do sell it at RunFit. Why do I love it? It's a natural energy booster, calorie burner, and packed with antioxidants. I start many of my days with Macha and highly recommend it. 

Nutrition Coaching

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A body that runs fit will perform optimally when it is served a wide variety of whole, nutrient-dense foods. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain lean muscle, or improve performance during activity, RunFit provides one-on-one sport and exercise nutritional coaching tailored to you. We coach clients on the research-driven, habit-based methods of Precision Nutrition, and work with them to incorporate nutritional practices that will serve them for life.

Additionally, if you're looking for answers on what diet will keep you in your best shape while training for a marathon, if former dieting or alcohol has kept you from dropping desired lbs., or want to know any additional tricks to keeping your body “runfit”, check out these blogs...

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Looking to have someone in your corner? Someone who can take a few hits and throw a few punches? We're here for you and we'll help you change the way you look at nutrition. 

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