Milwaukee's Hidden Running Gems

I’m a big believer that no matter how routine our lives may become, we are surrounded with new things to discover... new restaurants to sample, new stations to jam to, new places to shop. Often times we don’t realize what we are missing out on until we accidentally take a path less traveled!

The same is true when it comes to running paths in Milwaukee. Like many runners, I became well acquainted with the familiar running routes - the Oakleaf Trail, the Hank Aaron State Trail, Lake Drive heading up into Fox Point - just to name a few. They offer runners beautiful views and long stretches of paved land to pound out the mileage. But mental fatigue when training for a marathon or other distance races is REAL! Mental fatigue can often set in when people use the same running routes over and over and over. 

Fatigue no more! RunFit MKE has discovered a few hidden running gems right here in Milwaukee to take in new scenery, reignite your mental game, and continue building your physical fitness so you can race your best this Fall. So lace up those shoes and head out to three of our favorite spots:


The Breakwater Wall at McKinley Marina 

This one mile out and back will make you feel like you are in a different city altogether. You will be surrounded by sailboats, fisherman, seaspray and the most amazing view of the Milwaukee skyline. Essential gear: A Camera!

Atwater Beach Path 

Got hills? Now you do! It can be difficult to train for races that have elevation change when you live in Milwaukee. At Atwater Park at the corner of Capitol Drive and Lake Drive, you will have no problem getting your hill work in. The zig-zagging path from the beach up to the park definitely gets those legs singing. And what could be better than cooling off with a swim after a hard hill session? Essential gear: A swimsuit.

The Riverwalk by Erie Street 

Had enough of the lake views? Switch things up with a more urban feel. The riverwalk behind Erie Street is a great place to watch the boats cruise by on the river, juxtaposed by historic Milwaukee buildings in the backdrop. And at the completion of your run, there are dozens of great restaurants with riverfront seating that will happily serve you a cold one! Essential gear: A beer koozie.

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Karen Berenson