Running Coach and Trainer in Milwaukee

RunFit MKE is a running training facility inspired by runners but designed for anyone who wants to get their body running fit. Coach Karen is a top running coach in Milwaukee!


Agility, or the power of moving quickly and easily, is a key characteristic of a body that runs fit. RunFit builds the skills required to change your body position efficiently through a combination of balance, flexibility, speed, strength and endurance training.


Flexibility very literally means the ability to be bent without breaking. RunFit holds flexibility training in high regard, and employs exercises that increase range of motion in order to build a limber body that is able to ward off joint and muscle injury. 


Strength training isn't just reserved for those who want to put on muscle mass. RunFit uses elements of cross training and circuit training to improve the structure of muscles, joints and connective tissues. The stronger you get, the more resilient your body will become to the demands of running, and running around. 


Balance, or the ability to control the position and state of ones body, serves every member of every population, and that includes runners. All fitness gains can be attributed to a stable foundation, and that is why RunFit incorporates balance work into its exercise programs.