How RunFit Works

How RunFit Works

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One-On-One Consultation

Your journey at RunFit MKE starts with a complimentary one-on-one consultation that provides a comprehensive look at the current state of your health, physical abilities, nutritional practices, social support and readiness for change.

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Trial Workout

A trial workout will then be scheduled to ensure your comfort level with the type of activities that will be recommended as part of your plan. We go through your current fitness levels, nutrition knowledge and diet before making any recommendations!

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Create Tailored Program

Once you make the decision to start working with us, we create a completely tailored program for you based on how we felt during your trial workout. Whether it's custom nutrition plans, tailored training programs or both, we've got you covered!


Program Optimization

Once you've committed to your tailored program, RunFit utilizes the knowledge and resources of its staff, as well as outside physical therapists, therapeutic sports massage therapists and world-class running coaches to ensure you reach your performance goals quickly and efficiently.

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Update Goals

And we don't stop there! Once we're able to get you to your first set of goals, we take a step back, revisit what your new goals will be, and come up with a new tailored program!


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