Beyond Weight Loss | What You Need to Know When the Scale Sucks

So, you’ve recently stepped on the scale, excited to see some positive weight loss results, but the numbers haven’t gone down. In fact, you might have even gained a pound. I'm telling you - as as a friend and as a Personal Trainer - spare yourself from feeling defeated! When you commit to achieving a healthier life, it's not just about losing weight. You’re starting to build a better you and it is a process.

Now - more than ever - you need to remain motivated! Continue meal prepping, tracking food & beverages, visualizing your new body, and tying up those laces! Additionally, let me help you understand how your body is changing and what non-scale victories you need to celebrate. No quitters here. We’re all in this together.


How You're Changing for the Better

When you incorporate consistent nutrition practices and fitness into your life, there are important – subtle – changes that begin to happen. You might not notice them right away, but I promise you - if you're putting in the work - your mind & body are starting to change. Here are a few positive things you might be noticing...


Better Food Choices

Whether you're practicing mindfulness, reading up on the essentials of nutrition and fitness, or tracking what you consume - you're making better decisions when it comes to snacking, dining, or drinking. For example, an hour after dinner you used to open the pantry for potato chips or candy. Now, if you're craving a snack, you're reaching for nutritious foods, like almonds or veggies. Eating better means your nourishing your body with the right fuel - and your mind & body are grateful. 

Better Sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role to your physical health. If you’re minding your nutrition goals, you’re likely skipping that afternoon coffee or soda. While decreasing caffeine factors into getting a good night's rest, exercise is also key. Your daily workouts - be it 15 minutes or 60 minutes - improve your quality of sleep. Fitness also helps to reduce stress and gives us the energy we need to start again the next day. A good diet + consistent exercise = better sleep and energy.


Better Strength

Many clients feel stronger during their weight loss journey. They start killing workouts, popping open jars without a problem, and feel more active. In fact, one client told me that she felt so strong and active that she was excited to shovel! Can you believe that? Another client has implemented a house rule that there would be no "couch time" until 9pm. If you're at this stage, keep it up! You're mind and body are loving every bit of it and it will pay off!  

Increased Happiness & Energy

Eating whole foods and exercising regularly increases our happiness and energy. How? It syncs the mind and body, which means your likely experiencing less stress and more clarity. Less lethargy and more liveliness. Additionally, there is a newly found sense of pride in making healthier life choices. Embrace that. Strut your stuff. 

Celebrate Non-Scale Victories

I know what you might be thinking...non-scale victories are great, but my goal is to lose 25lbs. and I’ve only lost 2lbs! I hear you. However, you need to take time to celebrate the non-scale victories (a.k.a. the little, but very big things) in your weight loss journey, too! Here are some examples...


Better Fitting Clothes

Is there a shirt that used to feel snug but now buttons a little better? Do you now need a belt with a certain pair of pants? While the scale might not show weight loss in numbers, your body is getting stronger and trimmer. You're losing fat and gaining muscle, which is a huge achievement! 

Brighter Skin

It's true. When we are healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside. Maybe your skin is starting to radiate or the circles under your eyes are disappearing. For the ultimate natural glow, continue fueling yourself with good nutrients, being active, and drinking H20. Water should be one of your very best friends.


Your More Conscientious

At this time, you're more aware of your diet and how to fit meal prep and workouts into your busy schedule. Maybe you're even limiting beverages at social outings. Why is this a non-scale victory? Well, when you tune-in, your sense of awareness increases. This can also be reflected in your disposition. You might stand taller - with more confidence and readiness to take on the day. 

Better Relationships

I love this non-scale victory!!!! Clients have shared that they play with their kids a little more, spend more quality time with their partners, and engagement with the people around them increases. Being an active participant in the big and small moments with the people who surround us is healthy. 

Don't get Mad at the Scale | stick to your weight loss plan

Whether your weight loss goals are to lose 10lbs. or 100lbs., the scale shouldn’t take away from the many successes you’ll experience on your health journey. Yes, it will take time and hard work to reach (and maintain!) your goals, but getting defeated when the scale sucks isn't worth it. This is beyond weight loss. This is about creating a better you. 

If you'd like more information on how your body is making changes, check out this blog from Precision Nutrition. And, if you need a Personal Trainer to help you #RunYourLife, reach out today. Having a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach in your corner will help you attain results. 

Karen Berenson