Treadmill Training - The Necessary Evil

Treadmill Training - The Necessary Evil

Let’s just get this out of the way... Pounding out miles on a treadmill in a gym, basement, or spare bedroom isn’t anyone’s idea of an amazing time. One can only watch so many Netflix movies before losing the ability to pay attention. That being said, treadmill training is a necessary evil when you live in a state like Wisconsin. If whipping winds and sub-zero temperatures won’t stop you from running outdoors, inevitably poor footing on icy paths will.

Instead of dreading the “dreadmill” let’s embrace the wonderful virtues of our favorite human hamster wheel. Here are some reasons why

Treadmill Training is the Necessary Evil

Precise Paces for Speed Workouts

If you are like me, hitting exact paces during speed sessions means constantly checking my GPS watch to see where I am at. Whether you are new to running or aiming for your next PR, pacing can be challenging. Treadmills allow us to set the speed and run so we can focus our energy on form, breathing, and building mental strength.

Adherence to Training Plans

The training plan you follow for your next race will only work if you do. Being consistent with your runs is not only important for optimal performance but also to ward off injury. Skipping easier or shorter runs due to weather makes it that much more likely you will injure yourself during longer workouts. Those trusty treadmills are there for us - and hold us accountable to getting our training runs completed regardless of the elements.

Adjustable Terrain

If you signed up for a 20-mile mountain race in Montana, or a half-marathon through the streets of San Francisco, you’ll be really hard pressed to find a path here in Wisconsin that mimics the hilly terrain. Treadmills have come a long way in recent years, and most are programmed to mimic everything from rolling hills to mountain peaks. Get into race shape by taking advantage of the inclines that are afforded on treadmills.

Nutritional Ease

It takes work to learn how to fuel while you run. Chewing sport beans, swallowing energy gels and hydrating all take energy and a little finesse. As you get used to the acts of eating and drinking while running (and breathing!), treadmills are great for holding all your nutritional needs, taking a little workload off your shoulders.

No Restroom Emergencies

Running and need to use a public restroom? No problem as long as you are out and about between the months of May and October. But come November 1, those restrooms we come to rely on close for the “season.” Running in a gym or the comfort of your own home, even if on a treadmill, has one huge benefit - quick access to indoor plumbing!

If you are still not convinced that the treadmill is your friend, make sure to contact us at RunFit MKE for some treadmill workouts that will be sure to fly by, build your strength and stamina, torch calories and keep you going back to the wheel for more.

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